About Me and About this Blog

I am a British software engineer with around 35 years experience. I have worked in a variety of roles, from programmer, through to enterprise level architecture and I have led team at all levels. I have been selling my skills on the international stage for around 20 years.

My focus is on engineering, and because of that I am often asked to consult on process, tools, metrics, and sometimes even programming. Currently I’m on a long-term gig at a prestigious financial institution in New York.

I’m writing all this stuff down because I think senior engineers should all be writing down their views and experience. I’m writing this because sometimes I want to get things off my chest. I’m writing this because I feel I should. I’m writing this because I want to reuse it. I’m writing this because I enjoy a good argument. I’m writing this to see if I’m right (because, too often, I’m not). I’m writing this to see who agrees with me (I’m not really interested in people who disagree with me). I’m writing this for humor, fun, and the learning experience. I’m writing this because I’m a real person, with complex motivational imperatives and a lack of insight into myself — writing stuff down clarifies it for me — enables me to think about stuff more clearly. Someone once said that they were sorry that they couldn’t give an opinion because they hadn’t had time to write it down yet. Someone else (Twain I think), said that they were sorry they wrote such a long letter, but they didn’t have time to write a shorter one. Ultimately, I’m writing this for myself – I’m not looking for popularity or affirmation — I’m not really looking for anything (I have a blessed and beautiful life). This really is all about me.

My hobbies include hand-drumming, photography, and driving fast cars and bikes. I currently live in New York by Gehry, on the 75th floor with panoramic views of Manhattan. If you don’t understand much of the last sentence, google it.

If you want to chat with me, feel free. If you want my help to fix/improve your team’s, or organisation’s, abilities, then bear in mind that I am smart enough to understand the value I’ll bring  to your business, and that I charge accordingly (and it’s still a bargain). Feel free to use my ideas, knowledge, as you see fit, without any warranty of any kind.

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